Events List Page

The Events list page displays any custom events that you have created to track interactions, impressions, and other event types on your site. To access it click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar, and then select Events.

Callout of the Events option in the COMPONENTS menu in the top navigation bar

Like many other list pages in the Monetate platform, the Events list page is a table that contains basic information for each custom event built in Event Builder.

Example of an Events list page

A running total of the custom events created appears at the top of the page.

An account can have only 300 custom events.

Callout of the running tally of custom events created at the top of the Events list page

Above the table are tools to help you find one or more events or types of events. In addition to the search bar on the left-hand side, you can filter the list by event type and by experience use.

You can sort the table's contents by the event name in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order at any time by clicking the NAME header or by the event type by clicking the TYPE header. Sort the contents by creation date in chronological order or reverse chronological order by clicking the CREATION TIME header.

Callout of the NAME, TYPE, and CREATION TIME actionable column headers on the Events list page

The EXPERIENCE USAGE column shows the number of active and inactive experiences an action is part of or if the action is not used at all.

Callout of the EXPERIENCE USAGE column on the Events list page

Event Quickview

Click an event name to open the Event Quickview modal for more specific information about the event.

Example of the 'Event Quickview' modal available on the Events list page

The modal contains options to add, edit, or delete the event's description, category, subcategory, and unique key for the Engine API.

You cannot edit the element nor the event type.

Click ADD CONDITION to add action conditions.

Ensure you click SAVE at the bottom of the modal to save your changes to the event.

Additional Options

When you place your mouse pointer on an entry in the table, the additional options menu (...) appears at the far-right side.

Animated demonstration of a user clicking the additional options menu for an event in the table and then viewing the options available in it

Depending on your account configuration and on your user role, you can do the following from this menu:

  • View the raw JSON for the event
  • Delete the event

To create an event using JSON code, click the arrow to the right of CREATE EXPERIENCE, and then select Create Event with JSON.

Callout of the 'Create Event with JSON' option in the menu of the CREATE EVENT button on the Events list page

You can also delete events by selecting the checkbox left of the event name and then clicking the delete icon above the table.

Callout of the delete icon and the selection checkbox for each event on the Events list page

If you need assistance managing the events in your account, submit a support ticket using the Kibo Technical Support portal (