In addition to natively provided experience analytics, Monetate can integrate with third-party platforms to report experience information. Examples of these platforms include Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics), and Adobe Analytics, including Adobe Marketing Cloud.

For traditional Monetate tag–based experiences, these integrations work by sending experience and split/variant reporting labels to the desired platform. Alternatively, the same reporting labels can be written to a window object for the platform to read and ingest.

Third-party analytics integrations are not applicable to Full-Page Test experiences, Open-Time Email experiences, nor Product Recommendations for Email experiences.

For those Omnichannel experiences powered by the Engine API, Monetate supplies the reporting labels, but the requesting application must pass those labels along to the desired vendor. Because third-party reporting integrations don't need to set up for Omnichannel experiences, all experiences for which a site visitor qualifies include reporting data in the action(s) when the includeReporting=True attribute is added to the DecisionRequest event. See Calling the Engine API for more information, including sample requests and responses.

How Third-Party Analytics Integrations Work

When this feature is enabled, Monetate pushes reporting labels representing the experience name and split/variant name to the specified vendor/endpoint. By default, experience data is pushed when a site visitor sees an experience and after a 5-minute interval on the next track, be that a new page load or a retrack.

If you want a custom interval for reporting label pushes, such as having labels pushed on every page load (every track) or every 30 minutes, then submit a support ticket using the Kibo Technical Support portal (kibotechsupport.zendesk.com) and provide the name of the report for which you want to customize the interval.

Monetate automatically uses the experience name and applies to the split either "Control/Experiment" for Standard Test experiences or "Control/A/B/C" for Split Test experiences. You can also customize the label by selecting Third-Party Analytics from the additional options menu (...) on the Experience Editor page, entering a new value into Report Label, and then clicking SAVE.

Callout of the 'Report Label' field and the SAVE button on the 'Third-Party Analytics' modal

For Automated Personalization experiences, Monetate automatically creates labels for holdout variants by appending "- holdout" to the variant base reporting labels.