ID Collectors and Customer View FAQ

How do I know which domains to include in a Person ID?

Utilize domains within a Person ID based on how your business identifies an individual across the sites. If you identify a person differently across two domains, set up two different Person IDs. If you identify an individual across two different domains, include both domains in one Person ID.

How many Person IDs can I use for cross-device targeting and testing?

You can only create and enable one Person ID for cross-device targeting and testing.

The ID that you use in a dataset upload must match the case of the value collected in an on-site ID.

How many ID Collectors can I set up for a Person ID?

Each account domain can have a maximum of five ID Collectors that you can use for data activation and a Person ID.

Can I edit a Person ID setup?

Yes, you can add new ID Collectors to a Person ID setup at any time. If a Person ID is collecting the wrong values, delete it and create a new one.

Is there a limit to the length of an on-site ID?

As a best practice, use an ID Collector that has fewer than 128 characters. While the platform can collect IDs that are longer than that, it evaluates only the first 128 characters. Furthermore, the truncation of a longer ID can cause false matches.

How does cross-device testing and targeting work if my company has multiple accounts with different Monetate tags?

Cross-device testing keeps users in the same experiment group on one domain every time they return to that domain on any of their devices. This means if you have two domains within an account—for example, and—cross-device testing cannot keep people in the same experiment group across and because one experiment doesn't work on both accounts. If both accounts are included in the same Person ID and the tests in each account leverage a cross-device target, identified people qualify for the test experiences across domains.

Do Customer Views impact experience split groups?

When you enable cross-device targeting within a Customer View, Monetate groups returning visitors across devices who have the same Customer View ID value into their original experience variant.