Customer Data


Customer Data Onboarding Overview
Onboarding customer data to Monetate allows you to expand your targeting options and to tap into offline data without leaving the platform. You can create targeted experiences for all site visitors by using the data that you already have about your...
Customer Dataset Upload Requirements
The ID that you use in a dataset upload must match the case of the value collected in an on-site ID. General Requirements You can upload existing data to use in experiences. All files you upload to the platform must adhere to the following r...
Use Customer Datasets for Targeting
Creating a New Experience with Dataset Targeting You can use a dataset to create targets for the WHO portion of an experience. Each dataset field has a set of options and operators that are defined by the data type that you specified during the ...
Use In-Store Customer Data to Personalize Your Site
The Problem I have lots of information about my customers that make purchases at my brick and mortar stores. At these stores, we record size, SKU, and color information about every item that our customers purchase. I want to use this data to pers...

Customer Datasets

Documentation for clients that have two options in the DATASETS menu

Customer Attributes Datasets

Documentation for clients that have the one-click DATASETS version of the user interface