Now that you have a few experiences under your belt, it's time to think about what's next.

After your experiences using Monetate, it's always important to take into consideration what did not go so well. What metrics did you not see the change in? Were the experiences you ran too complex or targeted to the wrong customer? These questions are all ones you must answer for yourself—but always remember to act on what you learned for the next test!

In the beginning, you more than likely ran some rather simple tests. As you progress you'll want to narrow your focus. Maybe you want to expand on who you're targeting, when you're targeting them, and so on. This graphic shows a basic breakdown of how you should think about your Monetate efforts moving forward.

Bulleted list of the WHY, WHO, WHAT, and WHEN questions that a user must answer when configuring an experience

Keep in mind that everything presented in these training materials is only the baseline for the strategic approach you can take with Monetate. The Strategy and Insights team is here to help develop a personalized approach to your specific business goals. Contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) for more information.