Perform QA Testing on Targets

After you build a target with Target Builder, it's important to perform some QA testing prior to adding it to an experience.

There are a few things to consider to do this.

Using an IP Address Target for Testing

To test a target, you can add an IP Address target to a Web experience. When configuring the experience's WHO settings, select Location for the target type, click IP Address, and then input your IP address for testing purposes.

The IP Address WHO target template, with a callout of the SAVE button

Remember to remove this target before launching the experience to your site's visitors.

Activating the Experience

Before you can test any targets that you created in Target Builder, you must first create and activate an experience.

Targets are ignored in Preview Mode. Your experience must be active to perform QA testing.

Custom Targets and Caching

Targets created in Target Builder take up to 30 minutes to cache in Monetate's servers. As a result, you must keep the experience active for at least that long to track the target properly.

Using Monetate Inspector

You can use the Monetate Inspector browser plug-in to check for any custom targets present on the page. To do this, open Inspector and then click the Components tab.

The Actions view of the Components tab of Monetate Inspector

See Install the Monetate Inspector Browser Plug-In for more information.

Submit a support ticket using the Monetate Technical Support portal ( if you have additional questions about QA testing targets that you create.