Upload a Product Feed

This product catalog/feed type is deprecated. Unless you are a Monetate client still using the legacy product specification, refer to the current product catalog specification.

After you validate the product feed with the online validator and your account has been enabled, you can upload the feed via a secure FTP server (SFTP).

For information about how Monetate maps SKUs and product IDs to purchase information and other data, see Product Catalog Mapping FAQ.

Follow these steps to access the online feed validator.

  1. Click COMPONENTS in the top navigation, and then select Product Catalog (Old Spec).

    Callout of the 'Product Catalog (Old Spec)' option in the COMPONENTS menu


    Callout of the FEED VALIDATOR button on the Product Catalog page for Monetate's deprecated product catalog feed specification

The validator works for feeds matching the specifications defined for these file types:

Obtaining SFTP Credentials

To get your SFTP user ID and password, click the settings cog and then select Sites.

See Manage SFTP Users if you need to create or edit an SFTP user.

Callout of the Sites option in the settings menu

Once you have your ID and password, you can upload the product feed.

Uploading the Product Feed

To upload a product feed to the platform, add the following information to your SFTP client:

  • Hosthttps://sftp.monetate.net
  • Port22
  • ProtocolSFTP

Port 22 must remain open while you upload the feed. Ensure the file you upload includes the correct file extension (for example, productfeed.xml). Upload the feed into your account's /upload directory.

If you want to test the feed without processing it, upload a file to the account's /test directory. Monetate does not have access to this location and cannot retrieve files from it for processing.

Product feeds are continuously processed. The load process occurs within 2 hours after the file upload completes. If you try to upload multiple versions of the same file, the load process begins after each upload. The last file received defines the account's product catalog until you upload a new file.

Receiving Feed-Parsing Error Notifications

You can receive emails informing you of feed-parsing errors. To enable this option, click the settings cog and then select Users. Scroll to find your platform username, and then click it to access the options. Toggle the Receive Catalog Parsing Error email notifications for [yourdomain.com] setting to YES.

Callout of the 'Receive Catalog Parsing Error email notifications' option on the Users page

Click SAVE.