Customer Data Onboarding Overview

Onboarding customer data to Monetate allows you to expand your targeting options and to tap into offline data without leaving the platform. You can create targeted experiences for all site visitors by using the data that you already have about your customers from internal business analysis, customer profiles, or CRM systems. Two components are required:

  • An on-site ID that is revealed anywhere on a page of your site, before or after a customer logs in
  • A data file that uses the exact same ID as the on-site ID

Consider these examples of common uses for customer data:

  • Use gender information provided in an online profile to target female visitors and offer relevant products and sales.
  • Show VIP or high-value customers exclusive events and sneak peeks of new collections.
  • Personalize content and promotions according to site visitors in different industries or verticals.
  • Capture customer preferences from phone orders or purchases made at physical locations to provide relevant content during later visits to your site.
  • Create promotions and display events for loyalty card holders.

Data Onboarding is available in two different packaging tiers for Predictive Personalization client. For more information about pricing or upgrading your current package, contact your Account Development Representative.

You have three options to deliver customer data files to the platform:

  • API: Automatically pass data to the platform in real time with the Engine API
  • SFTP: Automatically deliver full or partial updates to datasets via an SFTP connection
  • Manual file upload: Upload full files or partial updates for a dataset using a wizard within the platform