How Monetate Impacts Page Load Time

Site Speed and the Monetate Tag

The Monetate tag remains as streamlined and efficient as possible and is optimized to deliver only necessary compiled code to customers for the experience(s) they qualify for.

While load time is highly dependent on the speed of the visitor's internet connection and speed of the server, it can also be impacted by how the tag is served. Monetate encourages you to optimize the tag location and hardcode the tag directly in the <head> of each page you want to personalize to ensure it's the first thing to load when a visitor makes a request to the server.

Third-party tag management services may impact the speed at which the Monetate tag is served because chronologically, they add an additional step between the visitor and any Monetate experience content. Typically, if the tag is placed at the highest priority position within a tag management system (TMS), the effect is minimal and may only be as little as a few extra milliseconds.

If you are unable to place the Monetate tag in the head of the page and aren't using a TMS, then contact your platform consultant to advise you on optimal tag placement.