Duplicate an Action

If you have multiple domains or sites with Monetate (such as a desktop and mobile site), you can duplicate actions from their original location into any other account that your company has access to.

To do this, click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar and then select Actions. Next, find on the Actions list page the action that you want to add to another account. Click the additional options menu (...) at the end of that action's entry, select Duplicate Into, and then select the account into which you want to duplicate the action.

Callout of the Duplicate Into option in the additional options menu for an action

Editing a Duplicated Action

If you need to modify the duplicate action, you must switch to the account into which you copied it, find the action on that account's Actions list page, click the action's additional options menu (...), and then select Edit.

Callout of the Edit option in the additional options menu for an action

The Action Quickview modal opens, on which you can make the following changes:

  • Rename the action
  • Revise the description
  • Change the category
  • Revise the subcategory
  • Add action conditions, or remove or revise existing ones

To make other changes to the action, click EDIT IN BUILDER to launch Action Builder.

Callout of the EDIT IN BUILDER button on the Action Quickview modal

See the documentation in Action Types for more information about the options available in Action Builder for specific actions.