View Tracked Actions in Experience Results

The information available on the Actions tab of a Web experience's results you how site visitors interact with content modified by the actions in that experience.

This table contains the specific interactions that Monetate tracks for various action types.

Action TypeInteractions Tracked
Insert Countdown TimerImpressions
Insert ImageImpressions, clicks, and click zone clicks
Insert HTMLImpressions
Insert LightboxImpressions and clicks
Insert Background ImageImpressions and clicks
Edit HTMLImpressions
EndcapImpressions and clicks
Show ElementImpressions

You don't need to change any settings or make other adjustments for the platform to track and report these interactions.

Accessing an Experience's Action-Tracking Results

Follow these steps to access the real-time counts for an experience.

  1. Click ANALYTICS in the top navigation bar, and then select Experience Results.

    Callout of the 'Experience Results' option in the ANALYTICS menu

  2. Search for the experience's entry on the Experience Analytics list page.

    Callout of the search field on the Experience Analytics list page

  3. Click the experience's name.
  4. Click Actions.

    Callout of the Actions tab

The Actions tab is inaccessible until the experience has been active for 24 hours.

The Actions Tab

The Actions tab displays two metrics:

  • Impressions: The number of times the action was shown to a site visitor. The Personalization platform counts each page load on which the action displays.
  • Clicks: The number of times a site visitor clicked the action. The Personalization platform counts each click of the action.

Callout of the impressions count and the clicks count

The default lookback period is Earliest to date, and you can change that by selecting an option from Over the period of.

Callout of the 'Over the period of' selector

If the experience contains splits, the counts by split appear by default. To change this view, configure the options in the associated selector accordingly.

Callout of the splits selector

If the experience contains multiple actions, by default the counts from all actions appear. To change this view, configure the options in the associated selector accordingly.

Callout of the actions selector

Switch between session counts and total counts by clicking Display.

Callout of the Display toggle

A session count is the number of users for which the action was tracked, and the total count is the total number of times the action was tracked. For example, if the action was tracked nine times but three of those times were by the same user, then the total count is nine and the sessions count is seven.

Action tracking is based on the Monetate session. See The Monetate Session for more information about what defines a session.

Tracking occurs and is reported at both the action level and the input level. Action-level tracking occurs any time a visitor views or clicks an action. Input-level tracking is associated with tracking the specific image and the associated click zones.

Callout of the action-level tracking report and the input-level tracking report

If the action contains an image with click zones, you can view the specific area of the image linked to each click-zone click. Place your mouse pointer on the click zone name in the INPUT EVENT table, and the area of the image that corresponds to that click zone is highlighted.

Callout of a click zone in the INPUT EVENT table and the highlighted corresponding click zone in the associated image

Editing Experiences with Action Tracking

You may affect analytics for action tracking if you make changes to an action used in a live experience. If you have an experience running that has collected action tracking metrics and then you change an element of that experience, action tracking is affected in the following circumstances:

  • If you change an HTML action, all custom HTML action event counts reset to zero.
  • If you change the image, the input level numbers reset to zero, but the action level numbers remain the same.
  • If you change the name of a click zone, the name of the click zone updates and none of the counts will reset.
  • If you add a click zone, the additional click zone is added and starts at zero, but the existing click zones continue and retain their existing counts.

Tracking Events on Other Actions

You can track clicks within HTML content added through Edit or Insert HTML Actions with the Custom Event API. Submit a support ticket using the Kibo Technical Support portal ( if you have any questions about tracking other actions.