Default Metrics & Key Performance Indicators

Monetate tracks and reports a variety of metrics for Web experiences. Each key performance indicator (KPI) listed here works out of the box without any additional tracking from the Monetate JavaScript API:

  • Bounce rate
  • Average page views
  • Average time on site

For more information on tracking your site data, see the documentation in the Introduction to the Monetate JavaScript API section of the Developer category of the knowledge base.

See Email Experience Analytics for the default metrics relevant to the Email add-on.

Default Metrics

This table provides the definition and formula for all the default system metrics that Monetate provides in any new experience. Metrics that require additional method calls from the Monetate API are denoted by a check mark (✓).

MetricDefinition & FormulaRequires Monetate APIRequired API Method
Conversion rateThe percentage of visitors who make a purchase during their session; Sessions with purchase / Total sessions
New customer acquisition rateThe percentage of first-time visitors (anyone not currently identified with a Monetate ID) who make a purchase; Sessions with only 1 view / Total sessions
Add to cart rateThe percentage of visitors who view their cart with at least 1 item in it during their session; Sessions with cart item viewed / Total sessions
Cart abandonment rateThe percentage of visitors who view their cart with at least 1 item in it during their session but don't make a purchase; Sessions with cart item viewed and no purchase / Total sessions with cart item viewed
Bounce rateThe percentage of visitors who view only 1 page in the session and then leave; Sessions with only 1 view / Total sessions
Revenue per sessionThe average spend per session; Total revenue / Total sessions
Average page viewsThe average number of pages that visitors in the experience view on the website per session; Total page views / Total sessions
Average time on siteThe average time spent browsing a site per session based on the first time that the Monetate session began (for example, if a customer visits a homepage with the Monetate tag but no active experiences and then later navigates to the cart page with an active experience, then the time reported in Experience Results is measured from homepage to last page view); Total session time/Total sessions
Average order valueThe average amount spent on an order; Total revenue for orders / Total number of orders

Configuring Default Metrics Reported in Experience Results

You can determine on the Default Metrics page which metrics are included by default in the experience results for every new Web experience. Regardless of the settings on this page, users can still include or exclude any default system metrics as well as add custom metrics when building an experience.

To configure the default reported metrics, first click the settings cog in the top navigation bar and then select Default Metrics.

Callout of the Default Metrics option in the settings cog menu

System Metrics

To prevent a system metric from displaying in Experience Results for all new experiences, place your mouse pointer in the metric's row, and then click the delete icon that appears.

Callout of the delete icon

Removing a system metric from this list only means it isn't displayed by default in the Experience Results for all new experiences. Monetate still collects data for these metrics and provides it in the raw data CSV files and HTML tables you can access on the Metrics tab of the Experience Results page.

If you remove a system metric from Default Metrics and later want to add it back, click ADD METRIC, select it from the list, and then click CHOOSE SELECTED. Any system metric that's been removed appears at the top of the list in the Add Metric modal.

Callout of a system metric and the CHOOSE SELECTED button in the Add Metric modal

Click SAVE once you complete deleting or restoring metrics to the list on the Default Metrics page.

Callout of the SAVE button

No prompt to save the changes you've made appears if you attempt to leave the page without clicking SAVE.

Custom Metrics

You can add custom metrics that you've created using Event Builder as default reported metrics for any new Web experience. See Create an Interaction Event for the steps to create an interaction-tracking event.

To make a custom metric a default reported metric, click ADD METRIC on the Default Metrics page.

Callout of the ADD METRIC button

In the Add Metric modal, you can search for metrics by metric name or by any tags that you associated with your metric during the creation process. Select each metric that you want to track by default for all new experiences, and then click CHOOSE SELECTED.

The Add Metric modal with an event metric selected and a callout of the CHOOSE SELECTED button

The custom metrics you add appear at the bottom of the list. Click SAVE before you leave the Default Metrics page to save the changes.

Callout of a custom event metric added and the SAVE button

You can delete a custom metric from the list using the same method as you use to delete a system metric.