What Monetate Is Doing to Help

Monetate does everything it can to ensure that it doesn't impact search engine results negatively, but your conversion goals, whatever they are, are our top priority. Full-page testing and personalization are critical pieces of your marketing efforts. They increase lift and conversion and generally let you serve your customers better.

If you leave experiences running for agility to make a quick change without dedicating your own development resources while your base site is updated with new content, bots see those changes and those updates factor into your search rank immediately. This makes it extremely beneficial to test potential re-platforming, content, or cosmetic changes to see if there could be any long-term impact on your search rank prior to implementing anything permanently to your site.

While in theory content served via experiences should be reflected in your search rank, Monetate has no direct control over how the content you serve is interpreted by search engine algorithms. If you run an experience that is interpreted as detrimental to the overall user experience, it impacts your search rank for that page accordingly.

  • At clients' request, Monetate allows bots access content (including code and assets) previously hidden from them. Monetate configures those servers to ask search engines not to index and cache the assets as it understands those might be transitory on your site.
  • Monetate no longer stops its features and functions from working for bots. They get the full experience, just like humans.
  • Bot views aren't included in part of the analytics data you see in Monetate.