Use AgilOne in a Customer Dataset

This content is only for clients with Product Data and Customer Data options in the DATASETS menu in the top navigation bar. If no menu options appear when you click DATASETS, then this content doesn't apply to your account. Instead, see the alternate version of this documentation.

Within the platform you can access the Create Dataset Schema wizard to upload a CSV file and determine various field types to create a customer dataset schema, after which you can then upload a full file to create the dataset.

With AgilOne integration, you can skip the process of defining field types for customer datasets by using its predefined schema and uploading that CSV file to the platform via SFTP.

The headers of the CSV you upload must match those in the table, and the values entered must match the type listed. You can also download a template.

Header Field Type
customer_id String
email String
primary_organization String
primary_store String
primary_brand String
closest_store String
email_status String
do_not_email String
total_revenue_group String
last_12_months_group String
frequency_group String
recency_days_group String
average_discount_rate String
customer_age Number
customer_birth_month Number
customer_gender String
likelihood_to_buy String
likelihood_to_engage String
product_cluster String
likelihood_to_convert String
behavior_cluster String
execution_id Number

Setting Up the Integration

Follow these steps to establish the integration with AgilOne.

  1. Click the settings cog in the top navigation bar and then select Integration.

    Callout of the Integration option in the settings menu

  2. Click the AgilOne tab on the Integration page.

    If the AgilOne tab doesn't appear on the Integration page, then this feature isn't activated for your account. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for assistance.

    Callout of the AgilOne tab on the Integration page


    Callout of the 'INTEGRATE AGILONE NOW' button

  4. Name the AgilOne dataset and then click INTEGRATE.

    The dataset name must begin with a letter and contain only letters, numbers, and underscores.

    The Integrate AgilOne Dataset modal, with a callout of the 'Name AgilOne Dataset' field and of the INTEGRATE button

Now that you have integrated AgilOne, you're ready to upload the dataset schema via SFTP.

Setting Up the SFTP Upload

Follow these steps to create SFTP user credentials for specifically for uploading AgilOne data.

You must have the Administrator user role in the Monetate platform to set up SFTP users on the Sites tab of the platform settings. Once created, SFTP permissions don't require a user role in the platform.

  1. Click CONFIGURE YOUR SFTP CREDENTIALS on the AgilOne tab.

    Callout of the 'CONFIGURE YOUR SFTP CREDENTIALS' link on the AgilOne tab

  2. Click CREATE SFTP USER on the Sites tab of the Monetate platform settings.

    Callout of the 'CREATE SFTP USER' button on the Sites tab of the Monetate platform settings

  3. Configure the user credentials.
    1. Input a description for the SFTP user.

      Callout of the 'Description' field on the 'SFTP User Details' modal

    2. Select the authentication method.

      Callout of the 'Password' and 'Public key' authentication method options on the 'SFTP User Details' modal

    3. Input the required credentials as determined by the authentication method you selected in the previous step.
      • If you selected Password, your password doesn't have to meet any format requirements.
      • If you selected Public key, then paste a RFC 4716-formatted OpenSSH public key into the field. See Public Key Requirements in Manage SFTP Users for more information.
    4. Click SAVE.

      Callout of the SAVE button on the 'SFTP User Details' modal

  4. Configure your SFTP client with the following information from the Sites tab:
    • Hosts
    • Port22
    • ProtocolSFTP

You can now upload the CSV file containing the AgilOne schema to the /datasets directory using your SFTP client.

Viewing the New Dataset

Once the upload is complete, you can view the newly created customer dataset by following these steps.

  1. Click DATASETS in the top navigation bar, and then click Customer Data.
  2. Find the customer dataset you created, and then click the dataset's name to view its details page.

The Overview tab of the dataset details page shows all the headers present in the CSV file you uploaded.

The Overview tab for an AgilOne-based customer dataset

If the platform encountered an error during the upload, then a warning message appears in the Current Updates column on the Customer Datasets list page. Click VIEW ERRORS for more information.

See Customer Dataset Details Page to better understand the information you can find on and what actions you can take from the dataset's details page.