Create an Impression Event

You can use an impression-based event to signal that something exists or that the page exposed a customer to something but the customer didn't interact with it. For example, you can track cookies with an impression event. If your site has a cookie set of logged-in customers, you can create an impression event based on the presence of that cookie.

Impression events can be based on the following:

  • Cookie
  • JavaScript variable
  • Query parameter
  • HTML element

Follow these steps to build an impression-based event.

  1. Click COMPONENTS in the top navigation bar and then click Events.

    Callout of the Events option in the COMPONENTS menu

  2. Click CREATE EVENT.

    Callout of the CREATE EVENT button

  3. Click the Impression tab.

    Callout of the Impression tab of Event Builder

  4. Click the type of impression-based event you want to build.

    The Impression tab of Event Builder showing the four types of impression-based event options

  5. If you selected Cookie, JS Var, or Query Parameter in the previous step, type into the topmost field the name of the cookie, JavaScript variable, or query parameter, respectively. If you selected HTML Element in the previous step, use the element selector to choose the HTML element you want to use.

    If you selected Cookie or JS Var in the previous step, then when you begin typing the name, Event Builder generates a list of cookies or JavaScript variables, respectively, on the page that match the text that you've typed.

    Callout of the Variable Name field on the Details tab

  6. Select an operator from Value Compare, and then type the value for comparison into its respective field.

    Callout of the Value Compare selector and the Variable Value field on the Details tab

  7. Optionally, if you want to limit the event to a specific page type, URL, time, page category, or user landing page, then click the Conditions tab, click ADD CONDITION, select a condition category and specific filter option, and then configure that option. Click the forward arrow.

    Callout of the ADD CONDITION button with a view condition categories

  8. Type a name for the event into Event Title, type a summary into Description, and then click CREATE & EXIT.

    Callout of the Event Title field, the Description field, and the CREATE & EXIT button