Journey Analytics Terminology

The following definitions are used in Journey Analytics:

  • Sankey Diagram: A visualization depicting the complete set of customer flows from one page to another.
  • Path: A entire journey flow from a starting point to an ending point.
  • Node: A representation of a page type in the journey.
  • Selected Node: The node that is currently selected.
  • In-Path Node: A node that is a part of the journey that you selected to expand. Each other node in this path is highlighted in purple and has an expanded card view.
  • Branch: The connection between two nodes.
  • Pairing: Two nodes that are directly connected by a branch.
  • Interaction: A representation of each step in a customer's journey on the site. Interactions occur when a customer journeys to a new page on your site, with each new page representing a single interaction. For example, if a customer starts on a product listing page a journeys through four different pages of products, all four of these count as an interaction.
  • Starting Point: The node in the first interaction of the journey. This is where a customer began their journey on the site.
  • End Point: The final node in a journey. This is the last page a customer is on when completing their journey. The end point can be located after any number of interactions.