Move Element Action

The Move Element action alters the position of any element on a page relative to any other element.

Some common use cases for Move Element actions are as follows:

  • Changing the order of items in a navigation bar
  • Moving a search box to a different position on the page
  • Moving the store's physical address to a more prominent position on the page

The action appends any included CSS styles in the <head> of the page.

Required Components


Enter into Element to Move the element selector for node that the action is moving. Enter into Relative Element Selector the element selector to find the node that the element being moved is positioned relative to. For additional information about selectors, refer to Element Selectors.

Insert Method

The option you select from Insert Method determines how the action inserts the moved element relative to the relative element:

  • After the selected element
  • Before the selected element
  • Replace the selected element
  • First child of the selected element
  • Last child of the selected element
  • Take over the contents of the selected element

Optional Components


The action appends any CSS you input in Style for Moved Element to the node being moved, and appends any CSS you input in Style for Relative Element to the node that the moved element is being positioned relative to.

Re-Check for Elements

The Re-check for Elements setting enables or disables polling. If you enable polling, then Monetate continues to check for the selected element even if it does not initially appear on the page. This option is good if you have certain elements that don't fire right when the page loads.

If you disable polling, then Monetate only checks for the element once when your the loads.