Emergency Platform Support

The Monetate Technical Support Team acts as the front line for all severity 1 emergency requests.

What Is Emergency Support?

Emergency support requests outside of the above timeframe should be channeled through the Emergency Support Request process. Before you submit an off-hours Emergency Support Request, consider the following:

  • Emergency Support is only for emergencies when Monetate's functionality has a material impact on your organization's ability to do business. For example, Monetate is serving broken images, or there is a platform outage.
  • Emergency Support is not appropriate for experience deadlines or development queue prioritization. For example, an experience must be finished by 10 AM tomorrow.
  • If Monetate is unable to restore core business functionality to your website within a reasonable timeframe, Emergency Support may temporarily disable all Monetate services.

Who Should Submit Issues to Emergency Support?

Anyone who observes a severity 1 issue as described above can submit an issue. This system is for both internal and external users and allows Monetate to activate the appropriate resources for immediate investigation.

Submitting an Issue

To submit an off-hours Emergency Support request, contact one of the following:

Submit technical support requests that are not emergencies or occur during regular hours using the Monetate Technical Support portal (support.monetate.com).

What Happens After Submitting an Emergency Support Issue?

  • You will receive an automated notification of the receipt of the issue.
  • The on-call Support engineer is automatically paged and will notify you when they are actively investigating the issue.

    Escalation logic is built in to ensure the page is answered.

  • The on-call engineer can coordinate a call to provide synchronous updates, but their primary job is to investigate the root cause and escalate to the appropriate resources.
  • The on-call engineer will notify you at the following points:
    • When Monetate Support is able to reproduce the behavior.
    • If or when Monetate Support escalates the request to any additional resources.
    • When Monetate Support identifies the root cause.
    • When Monetate Support develops a fix.
    • When Monetate Support deploys the fix.
    • Hourly if none of the above occur.