Holiday Support

Overview of Coverage

Monetate provides standard business hours coverage on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (US), the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday.

Monetate is closed for business on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. If Christmas or New Year's Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then Monetate is closed for business either the Friday before or the Monday after the respective holiday.

Monetate has 24-hour emergency coverage for Severity 1 issues.

Emergency Requests

Emergency issues should be reported through or at 855-222-6134 (United States) / +44 1425 600052 (United Kingdom)

See Emergency Platform Support for more information about emergency requests.

Traffic Estimation

Monetate estimates traffic increases based on historical traffic patterns. In particular, estimates are based on the increase from the pre-holiday period (August/September) to the peak holiday period, which runs from the weeks before and after Thanksgiving, with the maximum traffic occurring on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Based on this analysis, Monetate expects the average daily traffic to increase up to three times and the peak daily traffic to increase up to six times the pre-holiday conditions.

Deployment Schedule and Code Freeze

Monetate only deploys updates to the core product code base for urgent issues throughout the holiday. No new functionality is deployed during this time period. Deployments during the company's busiest holiday period are canceled.

Systems Operations Management

Monetate has continuous 24/7/365 monitoring of all critical system components and responds to any system alerts according to its normal operating procedures. In addition to these procedures, Monetate's NOC actively monitors certain load metrics of the system to anticipate any unanticipated load issues before they affect system performance. Key observation metrics include the following:

  • CPU levels
  • Data queues

In the unexpected event of load or availability issues, as detected by the above observation metrics and other internal metrics, Monetate takes action to ensure the performance of its service through the following sequence of actions:

  • Internet routing — Monetate services route through multiple carriers.
  • Server allocation — Monetate maintains significant overhead capacity, so if a client has a significant spike in traffic, Monetate can allocate additional resources to that client.
  • Other actions — There are further actions that Monetate could take to direct maximum service capacity and maintain continuous operations.