A lightbox is an image overlay that takes control of the rest of your site when a customer exhibits a certain behavior or arrives on a certain page type. Lightboxes can be an effective way to direct visitors' attention to a specific site element or image.

You can create a Web experience that uses a lightbox action.

Here is an example of a lightbox that promotes a sale to a site visitor.

Example of a lightbox containing an image promoting a sale

Types of Lightboxes

You can create four types of lightboxes in Monetate:

  • Image: This standard lightbox included with Action Builder focuses on an image.
  • HTML: This action, created by Monetate, contains HTML instead of an image that you can customize. Contact your Monetate account manager for more information.
  • All-in-One: This action, created by Monetate, contains HTML and JavaScript that you can customize. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) for more information.
  • Lightbox on Click: This action, created by Monetate, contains HTML and JavaScript that you can customize. On-click lightboxes open when a customer clicks a specific element instead of on opening or arriving on a page. Contact your dedicated CSM for more information.

Lightbox ID

The lightbox ID, which can be any number between zero and 31, determines the grouping for the lightbox. If you want to group the display frequency of a lightbox with other Monetate lightboxes, then choose an ID that matches those lightboxes. If a customer qualifies for more than one experience with the same ID, then the experience with the highest priority appears.

If you want a lightbox to remain independent of any grouping, ensure that its ID is different from all other Monetate lightboxes. If two lightboxes have the same ID and are running concurrently, then visitors who qualify only see the lightbox with a higher experience priority. If the lightboxes have different IDs and a visitor qualifies for both, then they could see both lightboxes in the same session.

Lightbox Session

Most session measurements within the Monetate platform correspond to the Monetate session. However, when calculating display frequency for lightboxes, Monetate uses the same definition that browsers use for session cookies. While this definition can vary from browser to browser, a session generally ends when the user closes the browser window or when the user has been inactive for a specified amount of time, typically 20 minutes.

Display Frequency

Display frequency determines how often a customer sees a particular lightbox. The settings include once per user, once per user per session, and every page for all users.

Every Page

A site visitor who qualifies for the lightbox experience sees it on every page if you don't set any other guidelines. You should set guidelines at the experience level for this frequency so that site visitors aren't overwhelmed by a lightbox on every page of your site.

Once Per Session

This setting is the one most commonly used. Site visitors see a lightbox one time per lightbox session.

Once, Ever

Site visitors only see a lightbox once, ever. Use this setting sparingly due to its implications for the lightbox ID. If you used this setting one time with every available lightbox ID (0–31) and a user qualified to see every lightbox one time, then they would never see any other lightbox you create because you have already used all the available IDs.

Once Every 'X' Days

Site visitors who qualify for the lightbox experience see it once and are eligible to see the lightbox again in a number of days that you specify if you don't set any other guidelines. If you use the Once Every 'X' Days option, then you must specify the number of days in the Days until expiration field in the Optional Inputs section of the action template.

When referring to user or site visitor for the Display Frequency setting, the Monetate ID determines the user. If the user clears their cookies, they're considered a new user and thus qualify for the lightbox again.

Adding a Lightbox to an Experience

Follow these steps to add a lightbox to a Web experience.

  1. On the Experience Editor page, click WHAT and then click ADD ACTION.

    Callout of the WHAT settings and the ADD ACTION button

  2. Click Lightboxes.

    Callout of the Lighboxes option on the Action Type panel

  3. Select the lightbox action that you want to use.

    Example of the lightbox action template options available for the WHAT settings of a Web experience

  4. Configure the lightbox action.

Lightboxes serve to capture site visitors' attention, not annoy them. As a result, each lightbox closes as soon as a site visitor clicks outside of it and then only appears when a site visitor arrives on the site and not when they try to leave. Additionally, Monetate only serves a maximum of one lightbox per page and doesn't serve a series of lightboxes that fire when a visitor closes the previous lightbox.