Optimize Value Proposition Communication


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Average order value
  • Page type: Product category
  • Features used: Dynamic Testing, segmentation
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor apparel
  • Channel: Web

Illustration showing three variations of a product value proposition for a Dynamic Testing experience on a product detail page

Apparel brand uses Dynamic Testing to promote best of three value proposition variants: icons only, icons + text, text only.



Visitors who are new to your brand must be quickly educated about your value proposition in servicing them. However, it's difficult to determine the best messages and visuals that resonate across devices.


  • Segment visitors based on technographics and/or new vs. returning
  • Use Dynamic Testing experiences to optimize value proposition messaging and visuals, automatically allocating traffic to the winning variant in real time


  • Increase average order value by as much as 25%
  • Increase overall conversion by as much as 34%
  • New visitor conversion uplift by as much as 15%