Serve and Optimize Product Recommendations


  • Primary/secondary KPI: Add to cart rate
  • Page type: Product detail page
  • Features used: Badging
  • Industry vertical: Outdoor apparel
  • Channel: Web/mobile

Illustration of a product details page with a potential 'Similar Products' recommendations slider, a potential 'May We Suggest' recommendations slider, and a potential 'Recently Viewed Products' recommendations slider

Apparel brand uses personalized product recommendations to offer navigational aids.



Visitors browsing product pages want to continue along their shopping journey seamlessly with minimal need to backtrack through pages they've already viewed.


  • Place product recommendations on product detail pages to encourage continuous browsing
  • Test different recommendation strategies, such as Viewed and Also Viewed, Purchased and Also Purchased, etc.
  • Layer in slot-level filters to mix strategies together and develop an optimal combination


  • Increase add to cart rate
  • Increase average order value
  • Increase conversion rate