Checkout Page Example

The checkout page allows a customer to see a summary of order details.

Example of an online retailer's checkout page that contains a customer's order details

Code Sample

// Checkout Page Example
window.monetateQ = window.monetateQ || [];
window.monetateQ.push(["setPageType", "checkout"]);

In this example, the checkout page doesn't track any specific attributes. Therefore, the code snippet contains only the setPageType method with checkout as its value along with the trackData method.

Monetate Inspector Example

To verify that you've correctly implemented your site's checkout page, launch the Monetate Inspector browser plug-in. If the page has been implemented successfully, you see checkout listed in the Page Type row.

The Components tab of Monetate Inspector, with 'checkout'  in the 'Page Type' row

Recent updates to Safari Internet Tracking Intelligent (ITP) block third-party cookies on your site. This update means that Preview Mode and the Monetate Inspector browser plug-in may not work in Safari. Monetate has developed an alternative approach to delivering Preview Mode to the site. Submit a support ticket using the Monetate Technical Support portal ( to have this option enabled for your account.

No workaround is available at this time for Monetate Inspector. Monetate recommends using a different browser such as Chrome to use the Monetate Inspector tool.