Data Alignment Check

After you quality test each page type on your site as explained in QA Pages and test different types of purchases as explained in Make Test Purchases, you have technically completed the QA process for a baseline Monetate JavaScript API implementation. However, you can do one final check by completing a data alignment check.

To complete this check, contact your Client Services team or submit a request using the Monetate Technical Support portal (

What is needed to complete a data alignment check?

You need a transaction audit with 3 days of data. The file should only contain transactions that Monetate should have observed and not include in-store transactions, transactions from a different channel, from a different domain, etc.

The file should contain the following fields:

  • transaction ID: Required
  • timestamp/date/timezone: Optional but helpful
  • value: Optional but helps ensure revenue is being correctly captured as well
  • Any fields that can help Monetate identify potential issues, such as applying for credit or making purchases using a different checkout funnel, such as PayPal

If possible, don't include line items/products. Purchase-level data is preferable.

Do not include any personal identifiable information (PII).

Monetate's Data Analytics team compares your data compared to the data that Monetate collected, and then provides your team with a report on how closely aligned Monetate's collected purchase data is to your system of record.