Travel API Overview

The Monetate Travel API allows you to pass data from your site to the Monetate platform. For best results you should track each page of your site. To do this, you must implement the following:

  • Monetate tag: Allows Monetate to understand interactions on your site
  • Monetate Inspector browser plug-in: Verifies the functionality and placement of the Monetate tag on a page

Passing Site Data to Monetate

The Travel API has nine total API methods, three for each type of travel site. Each method call has a series of attributes with information from the current page. Some of these attributes are required while some are optional. That said, you should include as many methods as you can to capture the information on your site pages. All attributes are represented as arrays, even if they only hold a single value.

Additional Method Calls

In addition to the nine API methods specific to the Travel API, you must also implement two standard calls:

Timing Expectations

The time needed to add the Monetate tag and the required method calls that are important to your business can vary. The number of method calls you need to add, your intended use of Monetate, and the skill set of the person completing these tasks can all affect how long it takes to complete the process. For more information about who should complete the various steps of this process and what to expect, see Implementation User Role Guide.