Connect Monetate and Tealium AudienceStream

The Tealium AudienceStream customer data platform makes using your first-party data to create Omnichannel experiences easier and more powerful. It allows marketers and customer insight professionals to create customer profiles and audiences once and then leverage them to take real-time action across their entire digital marketing stack.

AudienceStream can also ingest offline data and stitch together cross-device profiles, providing the unified customer view needed to provide relevant customer experiences.

To learn about setting up Tealium AudienceStream to support Monetate, refer to Monetate Personalization Engine Connector Setup Guide in Tealium's knowledge base.

Building the Connector

To build the connector, you need these three pieces of information:

To find your retailer short name, first click the settings icon in the Monetate platform and then select API Documentation.

Callout of the API Documentation option in the settings menu of the Monetate platform

On the API Documentation page, click API Information in the Monetate Data API section of the left-hand navigation.

Callout of the 'API Information' option in the Monetate Data API section of the left-hand navigation on the API Documentation page

Copy the portion of the base URL indicated in this screenshot to obtain your retailer short name.

Callout of the portion of the Monetate Data API base URL that contains the retailer shortname

Additional information about the integrations available for Monetate and Tealium products is available on Tealium's site.