SDK Events and Action Types

This article describes how to access event and action types.


The available events are as follows:

  • RecordImpressions
  • RecordPageEvents
  • RecordRecClicks
  • RecordRecImpressions
  • ContextIpAddress
  • ContextCustomVariables
  • ContextUserAgent
  • ContextPageView
  • ContextProductView
  • ContextCart
  • ContextAddToCart
  • ContextPurchase
  • ContextMetadata
  • ContextProductDetailView
  • ContextProductThumbnailView
  • ContextReferrer
  • ContextCoordinates
  • ContextScreenSize
  • ContextClosedSession

Events are defined in

You can reference these events using the syntax EventTypes.<event name>. For example, RecordImpressions is referenced by EventTypes.RecordImpressions.


The available actions are as follows:

  • OmniChannelJson
  • OmniChannelRecommendation
  • OmniChannelImageBadging
  • OmniSocialProofData

Actions are defined in

You can reference these actions using the syntax ActionTypes.<action name>. For example, OmniChannelJson is referenced by ActionTypes.OmniChannelJson.