What Is the Monetate SDK?

The Monetate SDK is a library of objects and methods that allow you to easily utilize the capabilities of the Engine API. Using methods that simplify the API calls, you can create and run your experience quickly and with minimal effort. The SDK can be used for any channel including web, mobile apps, and single-page applications.

Comparison to Monegate Tag and Engine API Integrations

In a traditional Monetate tag–based integration, Monetate is running in the browser and can directly manipulate the site by inserting, editing, or removing content via reusable actions. Monetate tag-based integrations are easy to deploy but can't be implemented in some channels like mobile apps.

The Engine API is a RESTful API that serves as a direct entry point to Monetate's decision engine. It can be used to access the decision engine in any channel. Passing and collecting data requires specific API calls and might be complicated for some applications.

The Monetate SDK simplifies the API calls by acting as a translation layer to the Monetate decision engine. The SDK provides easy-to-use methods that send event data directly to the decision engine and receive the experience to serve. SDK implementations can be used in the same channels as Engine API implementations.