Install the Android SDK

This documentation guides you through setting up and implementing the Android SDK.


You must have Android Studio installed to set up this SDK. Refer to the Android Studio site for more information.

Integrating the SDK into a Project

Complete the following steps to integrate the SDK within your app:

  1. Download the SDK source.
  2. Open your app project and switch to Project View.
    Project View in Android Studio.
  3. Copy and paste the SDK into the app > libs directory.
    Paste the SDK in the libs directory.
  4. Open the build.gradle(:app) file and include the following code under the dependencies section:
    implementation fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs')
    Including code in the build.gradle file.
  5. A notification appears prompting you to perform a project sync. Click Sync Now in the notification to do this.

Getting Started

To initialize an object to communicate with the Engine API, use the following code:

sdkInstace = new Personalization(account, user);