Make Test Purchases

After you quality test each page type on your site as explained in QA Pages, you should make a series of test purchases to ensure that your site passes the correct data to Monetate. After all, purchases are often your most important metric, thus you should ensure they're working perfectly.

Purchase 1: Guest Account

Make a purchase as a guest to verify that guest purchases work and that purchases aren't required to be tied to a previous account.

Purchase 2: Logged-In Customer

Make a purchase as a registered customer logged into an existing account. This test ensures that you can make the purchase and also that the information from an existing account works as intended.

Purchase 3: Gift Card

Add a gift card to the cart if your site offers them for purchase. The purchase of a gift card can be tricky, so verify the total amount is adjusted correctly to include the amount of the gift card.

Purchase 4: Sale Items

Add sale or discounted items to the cart. Adding such items to the cart lets you ensure that the discounted price is tracked from the time a customer adds an item to the cart until they reach the purchase confirmation page.

Purchase 5: Free Items

If your business ever offers free items on your site, add one of them to the cart and then continue the purchase. Even though the item's cost is $0.00, it should still be tracked through the purchase process.

Purchase 6: Items Greater than $999.99

Because comma delimiters can sometimes cause issues, make a purchase greater than $999.99.

Purchase 7: Extended Warranties

If your business sells extended warranties on products that it sells, add one to your cart and make a purchase. Nontraditional items such as extended warranties can sometimes cause issues, so ensure the warranty is tracked from the time you add it to the cart until you reach the purchase confirmation page.

Purchase 8: Valid Promotional Code

Similar to discounted items, use a valid promotional code when making a purchase to ensure the appropriate discount is applied.

Purchase 9: Invalid Promotional Code

Try adding an invalid promotional code—for example, one that's expired or one that's fake—to the cart. Ensure that no discount is applied to the purchase and that the invalid code doesn't have any other unforeseen effects on the purchase process.

Purchase 10: Alternate Payment Forms

If your site accepts alternate forms of payment, such as Google Pay, PayPal, or Amazon Pay, you should make several purchases with each alternate form.