Create a Customer Attributes Dataset for Tealium Data

This content is only for clients with the one-click DATASETS option in the top navigation bar. If you click DATASETS and see Product Data and Customer Data listed as menu options, then this content doesn't apply to your account. Instead, see the alternate version of this documentation.

You're not required to create or use a dataset to build your Monetate–Tealium AudienceStream connector. This functionality is optional within any implementation.

Data Requirements

You can include the following data types in a dataset file:

  • Boolean (true/false)
  • Dates
  • Numbers
  • Strings (text)

Each data type provides different options for targeting. For example, if you select Number as the data type for a field, you can use such operators as Equal to, Greater than or equal to, and Less than or equal to. These options, however, are not available if you select Text as the data type. Refer to Customer Dataset Upload Requirements for more information.

Creating the Dataset

Follow the steps in Upload a Customer Attributes Dataset to first create the dataset schema and then upload a full dataset file.

Any dataset that you uploaded is available on the Customer Attributes list page, which you access by clicking DATASETS in the top navigation bar and then selecting Customer Attributes from View. You can see more information about the dataset by clicking its name to reach its details page. Refer to Customer Attributes Dataset Details Page to learn more.