Home Page Example

Your site's home page is its main page and is usually where customers land when they arrive.

Example of an online retailer's home page

The home page is the main page type on your site. When you create an experience that targets an action on the home page, select the Page type = action condition option, and then type main to complete the action condition equation. With this action condition in place, the experience shows an action to qualified visitors on the home page. See Action Conditions for more information.

Code Sample

// Home Page Example
window.monetateQ = window.monetateQ || [];
window.monetateQ.push(["setPageType", "main"]);

In this example, the main page doesn't track any specific attributes. Therefore, the code snippet contains only the setPageType method, the main value, and the trackData method.

Monetate Inspector Example

To verify that you've correctly implemented your site's main page, launch the Monetate Inspector browser plug-in. If the page type has been implemented successfully, you see main listed in the Page Type row.

The Components tab of Monetate Inspector atop the landing page of a retailer's site, with 'main' in the Page Type row