Designate a Default Product Catalog

This content is only for clients with Product Data and Customer Data options in the DATASETS menu in the top navigation bar. If no menu options appear when you click DATASETS, then this content doesn't apply to your account. Instead, see the Instead, see the alternate version of this documentation.

Any product catalog that you create is available in all the account instances you've set up in your Monetate integration. Because certain features and functions can only use one specific catalog, you should assign a default product catalog to each account instance.

Follow these steps to make a product catalog the default one for an account instance.

  1. Click DATASETS in the top navigation bar and then select Product Data.
  2. Click Product Catalogs in the left-hand category listing.

    Callout of the 'Product Catalogs' option in the left-hand category listing on the Datasets list page


    Callout of the 'DEFAULT CATALOG ASSIGNMENTS' button on the Product Catalogs list page

  4. In the Default Catalog Assignments modal, select a product catalog from DEFAULT CATALOG for the account instance you're working in.

    Callout of the DEFAULT CATALOG selector for an account instance's domain on the 'Default Catalog Assignments' modal. The domain doesn't have a default product catalog dataset selected.

  5. Optionally, repeat the previous step for any other account instance that doesn't have a default product catalog.
  6. Click the checkbox to acknowledge you understand the possible implications of assigning default product catalogs, and then click SAVE.

    Callout of the checkbox accompanying the acknowledgement statement and of the 'SAVE' button on the 'Default Catalog Assignments' modal

When a product catalog dataset is assigned as the default catalog for one or more account instances, then a message in the CONNECTED DOMAINS column for that dataset on the Product Catalogs list page indicates as much. When your mouse pointer hovers on the message, a tooltip appears that lists the specific domains for which the dataset is the default catalog.